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15 Minutes of Pain 26 – Dragon Spooge

youtubeGrab a bottle of Rolling Rock, slip on your white shirt and armour up with a pocket protector – Matt may not be famous enough to have any fan games based on his exploits, but as luck would have it there IS a game based on another YouTuber who gets ranty and sweary whilst he plays terrible games. Will Angry Video Game Nerd  Adventures be a wry satire of the awful fodder that forms James Rolfe’s playlist? Or is it just as bad as the titles it lampoons?

Tangential Recreation 1×02 – Weaponised Care Bear Stare

youtubeIs it a podcast? Is it a Let’s Play? Why not both? Matt n’ Rich spend another hour cleaning up after Kris Kringle’s homicidal redecorating spree as they discuss (amongst other things) the feminism of Bayonetta, which Planeteer powers suck the most, the emotional context of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, naughty Amanda Winn-Lee and the perils of being an anime fan in the 90s.