Tangential Recreation 1×17 – I Don’t Even Know What Borscht Is

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Whilst Richard is off doing important journalisty-type-things Matt is joined by the now-infamous indie developer Resulka to play Dead Island and drag the ongoing conversation from “puppets in abusive relationships” to “highly trained snakes”. Can her antipodal charm bring a touch of class to the proceedings? Or will it just be a mess of crude…

Tangential Recreation 1×16 – Resulka Is Still A Brazen Hussy

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Megadrive co-op classic Toejam & Earl provides the backdrop as Matt & Rich pull the weighty corpse of conversation from “why we shouldn’t be taught Shakespeare” to “puppets in abusive relationships”. Along the way Richard manages to to inspire the episode title with his insistence on being libellous and topical, and Matt displays blind optimism…

Tangential Recreation 1×11 – Itchy S**t Fingers (UnEpic, PC)


Richard gets creative with his cursing – as in  literally “invoking an evil fate upon another” as opposed to harsh language – whilst Matt resorts to damning with faint praise as the duo tackle this week’s moving wallpaper – Francisco Téllez de Meneses’ platforming tabletop RPG simulator UnEpic – whilst dragging the ongoing conversation from…

GUEST SPOT! The Richard Perspective


Over on The Richard Perspective YouTube channel Matt guests on the Game & Watch show, providing (slightly bemused) commentary on painfully bad edutainment adventure game Mean City. Dive into Frank Miller’s Lazy Town! Learn English! Find out what the Weasley family does with their squibs! Avoid the chicken!

15 Minutes of Pain 30 – I want a DEEP FRIED FISHY

youtubeMatt has impressive tackle and a sturdy rod, but he always fails to impress with tiddlers. But enough about his personal life, because there are far more amusing ways to put his dignity on the line, like making him play the PC conversion of Sega Bass Fishing – an old Dreamcast game which required a motion sensor – using a standard controller. Hooray for Humble Bundles!

NOBODY LIKES YOU, OWL! – Drunk Horror Episode 2 (One Night At Flumpty’s 2, PC)

youtube“If your light’s turned off then you’re safe (Or are you?)! If your lights are on, then they’ll come find you and rip you a brand new face!”

Three sheets to the wind and with no idea what’s going on, a very sweary and terrified Matt revisits a yolksy nightmare as, armed only with his diminished wits and a bottle of reasonably-priced tequila, he faces off against the twisty Flumpty Dumpty in spoof-sequel One Night At Flumpty’s 2.

Tangential Recreation 1×08 – Still Chasin’ Chitlins, Whiskey and Skirt

youtubeThis week’s tangent starts Matt and Rich at “Whingeing man-children on the internet” – which prompts discussion of the recent drama over at Reddit – before slouching, like a chimpanzee riding on a series of segues, towards “considering canon” by way of Shovel Knight praise, overlooked games, the Austrian Oak and a debate on the preservation of gaming history.

15 Minutes of Pain 28 – Taste My Dead Dog! (Spelunky – PS4)

youtubeMatt pops on his fedora (the official adventuring kind, not the OK Cupid douchebag kind), straps on his trusty whip and lights a torch to go exploring in some procedurally-generated catacombs. Riches (loose change), fame (everything’s trying to kill him) and an epic adventure (everything succeeds in killing him) are all for the taking as 15 Minutes of Pain encounters the instantly-classic Spelunky!

I Want To Believe – Gone Home Episode 1

youtubeMatt explores a seemingly abandoned family mansion with darkened rooms and even darker secrets in Gone Home, an interactive story which uses a video game interface as its medium. Where is the Greenbriar family? Why is their new home empty, apparently ransacked? And just what is it that the protagonist’s little sister doesn’t want her to find? (WARNING! This is a complete playthrough: spoilers are ahead!)

Tangential Recreation 1×03 – Everybody Hates Quan Chi

youtubeMatt and Richard take to the sands of the arena, using Mortal Kombat (2011 – not 2009 as Matt keeps saying!) as a backdrop whilst they discuss (amongst other things) The Witcher 3, female character models, Dragon Age and the (not so) recent debacle of AAA games being released in an unplayable state. Meanwhile, the duo kick-off a prank war of attrition which is bound to end in death. Or at the very least embarrassment.

15 Minutes of Pain 26 – Dragon Spooge

youtubeGrab a bottle of Rolling Rock, slip on your white shirt and armour up with a pocket protector – Matt may not be famous enough to have any fan games based on his exploits, but as luck would have it there IS a game based on another YouTuber who gets ranty and sweary whilst he plays terrible games. Will Angry Video Game Nerd  Adventures be a wry satire of the awful fodder that forms James Rolfe’s playlist? Or is it just as bad as the titles it lampoons?

Tangential Recreation 1×02 – Weaponised Care Bear Stare

youtubeIs it a podcast? Is it a Let’s Play? Why not both? Matt n’ Rich spend another hour cleaning up after Kris Kringle’s homicidal redecorating spree as they discuss (amongst other things) the feminism of Bayonetta, which Planeteer powers suck the most, the emotional context of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, naughty Amanda Winn-Lee and the perils of being an anime fan in the 90s.