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15 Minutes of Pain 26 – Dragon Spooge

youtubeGrab a bottle of Rolling Rock, slip on your white shirt and armour up with a pocket protector – Matt may not be famous enough to have any fan games based on his exploits, but as luck would have it there IS a game based on another YouTuber who gets ranty and sweary whilst he plays terrible games. Will Angry Video Game Nerd  Adventures be a wry satire of the awful fodder that forms James Rolfe’s playlist? Or is it just as bad as the titles it lampoons?

15 Minutes of Pain 16 – I’m In Pig Hell

youtubeMatt’s had an interesting week full of technical fail – but when the going gets tough, the tough head on to Steam and find a game that costs £0.09! And so witness, dear viewer, as your cordial host gets to grips with a porcine death wish in the most frustrating level design since I Am Bread with Android puzzle conversion Squishy The Suicidal Pig. On the plus side, however… a new Corpsey!

15 Minutes of Pain 12 – Why Are You So Broken, Ripley?

youtubeAt the suggestion of a former podcasting colleague – likely making it some form of petty revenge – Matt travels back to the 16-bit era and attempts to pass the first level of film-licensed Megadrive platformer Alien 3. You have to feel for those double-Y chromo boys… marooned on an inhospitable prison planet, thousands of light years from civilisation and trapped with a homicidal alien life form, and their own hope for salvation is a bearded nerd in a Hufflepuff hat…