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GUEST SPOT! The Richard Perspective


Over on The Richard Perspective YouTube channel Matt guests on the Game & Watch show, providing (slightly bemused) commentary on painfully bad edutainment adventure game Mean City. Dive into Frank Miller’s Lazy Town! Learn English! Find out what the Weasley family does with their squibs! Avoid the chicken!

Tangential Recreation 1×01 (Pilot Episode) – HOW MANY MOONS?

youtubeIs it a podcast? Is it a Let’s Play? Why not both? Matt is joined by the inimitable Richard Cobbett for the first in a new series that shamelessly/lovingly (delete as applicable) rips off GeekPlanetOnline’s very own Tangential Deviation podcast! Two men, one co-op game and one conversation left to ramble for about an hour. What will they talk about? Where will the conversation end up? And who will end up battered to death with bits of dead Elf?