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15 Minutes of Pain 28 – Taste My Dead Dog! (Spelunky – PS4)

youtubeMatt pops on his fedora (the official adventuring kind, not the OK Cupid douchebag kind), straps on his trusty whip and lights a torch to go exploring in some procedurally-generated catacombs. Riches (loose change), fame (everything’s trying to kill him) and an epic adventure (everything succeeds in killing him) are all for the taking as 15 Minutes of Pain encounters the instantly-classic Spelunky!

15 Minutes of Pain 09 – Nobody Said That There Would Be Spiders

youtubeMatt tumbles head-first into surreal cartoon wilderness survival game Don’t Starve. Can he possibly live to see the dawn of another day without supplies, without tools, without shelter and – perhaps more importantly – without a volleyball with which to create a suave and witty companion? Or is he destined to be eaten in the dark by a Grue? One thing’s for certain: as survivalists go he’s less Bear Grylls and more Burt Gummer (but without the guns).